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Lawn Aerator

Avant lawn aerator

Lawn Aerator

The lawn aerator is designed to create holes in the lawn surface which encourages free movement of soil. This helps to improve the circulation of air in the soil which is vital for a healthy lawn. Avant aerator is completely mechanical – when driving forward with the loader the knife type blades on the aerator shaft turn and make holes in the lawn. The aerator is equipped with 12 rows of blades with 10 blades each, altogether 120 pcs. The working width is 59.1 inches; working height can be adjusted with the nylon spacers on the four support wheels. The attachment bracket allows a large vertical movement and it is pivoted close to the center of the aerator, which means the unit moves easily on the lawn when driving forward. The aerator is also equipped with mechanical support legs that lift the deck and blades off the ground for storage. There is also a lid which can be opened for better access to the blades and easier cleaning.

  • Easy and efficient lawn aerating by driving forward with Avant
  • Equipped with knife type blades
  • Two Avant 64 lb back weights can be mounted on the sides to add weight

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